My Bedrocan Experience


So my experience so far with Bedrocan has been interesting to say the least.  I can say the service was hit and miss. When trying to register the person I was talking to was about 40% helpful and 60% useless. I kept getting different dates has to when I can order.

Once I was finally registered, the ordering process was not too bad, it took 2 days from order time to the time I received my meds and the girl who took my order was helpful and nice.
Here is a time line of the process from script to meds.

4th June – Script
5th June – sent it in
6th June – script received to bedrocan PO box but not picked up till the 9th
9th June – they received it (even tho I sent it express post on their suggestion 10$)
13th June – script confirmed by my doctor
16th June – told by bedrocan I need to wait till I receive my documents from them to order told it can take up to a week.
19th June – told to wait until next Wed for my registration. He said oh yea I see you here on my desk but I have not gotten around to it yet.
24th June – Received my registration in the mail and placed first order
26th June – Received first order in mail

I ordered 60 grams for a total of 510$. I was interested to see how it will stand up to meds I use normally. I will give a review strain by strain (I ordered 4 out of 5 Bedrocan strains)

Bedrocan – So the signature strain Bedrocan is based off a Jack Herer clone, it is exactly what it is, a lemon smelling and flavoured Jack. In my opinion the pheno of this Jack is lacklustre, I have seen way better Jack in my days. The jar was small nugs with some shake.

If your into the jack genetics then you will love this strain however ,Jack Herer genetics do not do much for me, it never has and probably never will. Don’t get me wrong this strain is 22% THC and when you smoke (or vape in my case) it is very strong and will get you ripped, but to me it has no medicinal value.

Another thing about Bedrocan is right on their site the state that
“derived from the popularly known “Jack Herer” cannabis variety. In order to appeal to existing use patterns and encourage patients to enter the official program in the Netherlands, care was taken to choose a variety that was already popularly used.”

So I interpret this to say to me that Bedrocan selected this strain because this is what the dutch sold a lot of in coffee shops, my problem with this is that they did not select this strain because of data proving it to be a good medicinal strain, they selected it because this is what coffee shops were pushing. If you know anything about the Jack Herer strain, it is a high yielding strain that growers love to push because it nets them more money, this is why it was popular in coffee shops, not because it is medicinal but because it is a good money maker for the growers. Most people who go to coffee shops in amsterdam are foreigners who are looking to try cannabis in a semi legal environment and I know for a fact the coffee shops push what ever they want on the users.

Bedropur – So bedropur, I figured this strain would be good for me, Wrong again, yes it is 24% THC but it also has no medicinal value, almost no smell if anything it has a almost musky/moldy smell (not in a bad way,and for sure it is not mouldy) , almost all shake. I have seen bud like this in the streets before and would always turn it down. I think that if your a recreational user then Bedrocan and Bedropur are good for you, they are both high THC and both get you ripped, but they are kind of like strong beer, taste like crap but get you ripped.

Again it boils down to flavour and terpenes for me and this strain lacked that quality.

Bediol – This strain kind of smells like the Bedrocan, sort of a lemon Jack smell.  This is the high CBD strain they offer, I kind of liked this one, not has my daily smoke, but it did stop some pain in my foot  that I had for weeks., and also some muscle pains I have been having.

The appearance of this bud was so/so, it is kind of sticky so it was all compressed in the jar, all super small nugs but pressed together to look like bud.

I noticed today that when I vaped it, the taste was sort of soapy in a good way, it is a very light flavour but good.

Bedica – Again another strain that sort of smells like the Bedrocan, not much in the terpene dept. It is billed has an indica but really I think they could of left this off the menu, like I said it is a lot like the Bedrocan(Jack), very lacklustre.

In closing, I will say that they are not total crap and I a lot of people will be happy with Bedrocan. I will most likely not be ordering from Bedrocan again, maybe the high CBD and Bedropur I will get again, but not the other strains. They all resembled each other too much. Nothing stood out and grabbed me at any point in my sampling. It was sort of a let down to wait a whole month to end up with meds that are more like rec pot and not like MMJ. This is one of the many reasons they need to let people grow their own in addition to the new MMPR program.  I paid about 120$ more then I am used to for product that does nothing for me medicinally. Now if I want to continue with a LP in the MMPR I need to get a new script from my doc, find a company that has room for me and try out all their offerings and I can again run into this problem, I would say the two major problems with the MMPR is we need retail outlets that offer all the LP’s product, and we need to have the ability to grow a decent amount of plants at home.  This would greatly improve the program.